Timo Haberkern (Freeware)

Server2Go is a donation-ware royalty-free utility designed to give users the tools to create a PHP application as well as a working website on a CD-ROM. Server2Go is a Web server that allows applications directly from a USB device, hard disk or CD-ROM. This utility was first developed for CD-ROM use but its functions have been expanded to include other drives. Timo Haberkern, the creator of Server2Go intended for this program to replace Web servers, which are also in CD-ROM such as Microweb and WampOnCD.

Server2Go was built in the first place to replace other CD-ROM Web servers such as or Microweb that lacked some important features or are not being actively developed.

Server2Go comes with a complete WAMPP server stack. It is full-featured app that is capable of multiple functions. It can be used for CMs-based image campaigns, calculation programs, training lessons (computer-based), and catalogue software. Server2Go by Timo Haberkern may be used by individuals who are using Moodle of Joomla which are PHP-programs from CD-ROM. This program runs on write protected media and does not require installation. The user does not need additional configuring skills for MySQL, Apache, or PHP in order to use this utility. Server2Go can be used with a web browser as well provided the Server2Go CD-ROM is inserted.