Serv-U® File Server

Rhino Software, Inc. (Shareware)

Serv-U® File Server is a user-managed file transfer program developed by Rhino Software and released on December 2012. It is a file transfer application that handles both server and gateway functions compatible with SFTP, FTPS, and FTP services. This program also offers mobile and web transfer support to enable users to access their documents at every opportunity. The Serv-U® File Server is developed to cater to businesses with secure file exchange needs with clients and business partners.

Serv-U® File Server is compatible with most mobile devices including iOS-powered devices, Android devices, Blackberry, and Microsoft Windows mobile devices. Mobile devices include phones and tablets. The program offers full-featured user interfaces for each specific device type and operating system.

The Serv-U® File Server program comes with two web transfer interface plug-ins—Web Client Pro and FTP Voyager JV. The Web Client Pro handles large file transfers for files exceeding 2GB. It is likewise capable of multiple file transfers and deletions.  This plug-in looks somewhat alike other download manager software; it even features a queue manager detailing the transfer progress of specific files and folders. The FTP Voyager JV sports the traditional FTP client look. It has a two-pane web interface with the left pane showing the local folder path and the right pane showing the remote server. The FTP Voyager JV also offers a synchronization utility to ensure complete synch between the two file locations.