Serious Sam Double D

Mommy’s Best Games (Proprietary)

Serious Sam Double D is a side-scrolling shooter game developed by the company, Mommy’s Best Games and published by Devolver Digital. The plot follows the character of Sam “Serious” Stone, a sufficiently crazy man who must travel back in time to eliminate historical enemies so that the future will be spared of their actions. Using a new piece of technology called the Time –Lock, Sam faces a horde of weapon-wielding brutes led by a character named Mental. The player assumes the role of Sam and handles multiple lasers and shotguns to kill various enemy creatures that include flying monkeys, fearsome dinosaurs, and a colossal mech-gorilla.

Serious Sam Double D allows the player to attach a maximum of six weapons into any type of attack. For instance, the player can combine a layer of rocket launchers, lasers, tommy guns, flamethrowers, and chainsaws to prepare for a major assault on enemies. The player must also avoid being killed in the battle as some enemies also use their own variety of weapons. Monkeys on jetpacks hurl banana bombs, gigantic dinosaurs use missile launchers and cannons, and magma men bounce about on pogo sticks. The player might need to modify his/her weapon stack to respond effectively to various attack patterns.