Serious Sam 2

Croteam (Proprietary)

Serious Sam II is the second installment in the Serious Sam game series. It was initially released on October 11, 2005. A downloadable version was released on Steam on January 31, 2012. The game continues the story of Sam “Serious” Stone as he tries to stop Mental, the alien whose goal is to eliminate the human race. Like the first installment, the gameplay involves Sam killing waves of enemies using various weapons. The game features new armors including the Hydro-Plasmatic Handgun, Clawdovic Cacadoos Vulgaris and the twin-automatic Uzis. Aside from this, the game also features vehicles with armor that Sam can use to transport while killing enemies.

Serious Sam II features two gameplay modes. The single-player mode requires the player to control Sam’s character. This mode follows a campaign-based structure. The storyline occurs after the events that took place at the first installment. Sam’s goal here is to collect the five parts of a medallion that will help defeat Mental. Unlike the first game, the story in this game affects how Sam goes from one chapter to another. The multiplayer mode offers a cooperative game type where players can play the campaign together. Aside from coop game, a deathmatch game type is also available in the multiplayer mode.