Serials 2000

REVENGE Crew (Freeware)

Serials 2000 is a serial key generator application released by developer REVENGE Crew. This application’s main function is to generate random serial keys to activate the full version of specific software. This program was developed and is continuously updated by programmers, hackers, and forum members alike. Nowadays, people purchase, download, and install pirated versions of applications simply because these cost less than the original. One of the most common issues encountered by those who use this kind of software is finding and using the correct serial key to fully activate it. Full activation means that there are no pop-ups that remind the user to purchase the software as is what happens with trial versions. Full activation also means user access to the full range of features a purchased version would come with.

The Serials 2000 interface is simple to use. The program does not require a large portion of overall computer resources to run. The interface only has the left pane and the right pane. The left pane displays the name of the software and its platform in a folder-tree format. The right pane displays the information of the software and the available serial key. The application also has a search feature to maximize results. Updates for the application are available via the Internet.