MAGIX AG (Shareware)

Sequoia is a powerful digital audio workstation that is independent of any proprietary audio hardware. It is an application developed by MAGIX as part of a family of audio software that offers users a wide range of editing and recording tools. Of the set, Sequoia is considered as the most powerful. This utility runs easily on host CPUs without the need for special audio hardware or DSP.

This application is a complete solution that boasts of a first class effect set-ups and object-oriented editing that is unique to the program. One of the operations possible with this program is the burning of DVDs and CDs. It offers users advanced capabilities such as burning master CDs that are compatible with Red Book and has copy protection features, and contains CD text and ISRC codes.

Sequoia is an innovative program with the following features:
• Improved source/destination editing model that now contains a crossfade editor capable of real-time editing.
• Wide range of plugins that sound superior compared to its competitors
• Intuitive destination/source cutting function
• Complete digital mixer

Sequoia by MAGIX AG is known as one of the best sounding DAW programs available today. It is an essential component of mastering and broadcast studios located in different parts of the world.