Sequence Scanner v1.0

Applied Biosystems (Shareware)

Sequence Scanner v1.0 can view, edit, print, or export sequence data, which are generated by other applications such as Applied Biosystems Genetic Analysers. The utility can also present a graphical representation of reports on top of other functionalities such as displaying and editing traces. The application’s functions can be used by both novice and advanced computer users.

One of the main features of the program is that it can show both raw and analyzed data simultaneously for one single trace. The metrics may be utilized by the user in sorting through the data in order to identify which traces have low quality, and should then be declared a failure.

Sequence Scanner v1.0 enables the user to do the following:
• Find images that are missing within a sequence.
• Generate statistics with EXIF data as basis.
• Manually trim features not supported by the program.
• View traces that have been imported from a single run or multiple plates in thumbnail or detailed format.
• Sort traces for a fast and guaranteed comprehensive data review.

There are other features that this program has in store. Sequence Scanner v1.0 allows the user the freedom to change views given existing options with just one click. Meanwhile, the Plate Report feature gives the user the opportunity to sample failures without delay.