SeqDownload 1.26

NirSoft (Freeware)

SeqDownload is a download manager that can download images from a website in a given period. Some websites update pictures in their homepage every minute or second. This means viewers may not have the chance to see previous pictures that are in the website. With SeqDownload, it is possible to download these images. This is done by leaving the software open so that it can download automatically. The software can also get data by providing the source URL of the image. Users can set up the time frame between image downloads (every second, every minute, etc). These images are saved to the computer’s hard drive. The image can then be seen in the hard drive, not in the website.
SeqDownload allows the creation of animations from the pictures that are downloaded. Users simply have to select “JaveScript Animation”. This selection can be found in the file menu. The program provides a number of ways to create animations. The order can be changed and sorted. The created animation can be saved into just one file.

SeqDownload can also be used to download files that are not pictures. The program is often used for capturing screens from streaming websites, such as live stream,s and online tournaments.