Septerra Core

Valkyrie Studios, Inc. (Proprietary)

Septerra Core is a role-playing game that uses a hybrid approach in the adventure genre, with elements frequently associated with console games like Final Fantasy. Also known as Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator, the game focuses on Septerra, which comprises seven continents. Each continent has unique populations, geography, and cultures. At the center of Septerra is a bio-computer called the Core.

The game features several complex puzzles, fast-paced battles, and extensive character development. It is driven by a straightforward story that takes place in a futuristic fantasy world. The strategic combat of Septerra Core implements a feature known as Active Time Battle. Here, the strength of the character’s attack depends on the charge duration of the character’s action.

In this game, there are hundreds of locations available to players. The world is can be extensively explored throughout the 15 gameplay chapters. The graphic interface is basic, doing away with complicated menus other similar games utilize. Players can select a total of eight companions, with each companion having unique weapons, skillsets, and background stories.

Some of the unique features of this game are:

• Fully recorded dialogue
• Flexible skill and ability systems
• CGI cut scenes
• More than 140 NPCs and about five hours of recorded dialog