SEO Suite 8

Apex Pacific Pty Ltd (Shareware)

SEO Suite is a search engine optimization (SEO) and link building program designed to assist users in optimizing websites to achieve a higher ranking on search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo!. It contains more than 25 search engine optimization tools as well as a number of modules covering the different aspects of SEO, such as the SEO Action Plan, SEO Project Management, Keyword Research and Website Optimizer, Web Ranking and Reporting, Search Engine Submission and Google Sitemap, and Link Building and Analysis. This program’s features cater to all levels of SEO work.

SEO Suite comes in three different packages for various needs and users, from small business owners to SEO consultants and agencies: the Standard edition, Professional edition, and Corporate edition.

Standard – comes with the basic toolset for users who manage their own websites and has support for five domains. The Standard edition is suitable for small businesses and users with personal websites.
Professional – comes with all of the features in the Standard edition as well as additional advanced features for SEO consultants, such as unlimited projects and domains and customized reporting.
Corporate – recommended for SEO agencies that handle multiple clients and websites. It has the combined features of both the Standard and Professional editions along with an advanced Project Management System. It provides agencies with a faster and easier way of managing client accounts.