SensorsView Pro 4.3

STV Software (Shareware)

SensorsView Pro is an application that displays the condition of the system. It has a small window that can be displayed on the desktop. The window consists of information, such as temperatures of the different peripherals in the system, HDD, memory, and core usage percentages, and fan performance. The program gives out alerts whenever a part of the system has reached a critical level. This allows users to fix the component before the system crashes.

Users can view statistics for different components in just one window. The statistics are divided into three sections – system statistics, sensors, and process list. Under the Settings window, users can change the behavior of the application, such as monitoring, alarms, corrections, and the skin for the program’s window.

Other features of the SensorsView Pro application are the following:

• application supports almost all of motherboards and chips that are in the computer
• keeps a log file of all the warnings and events that happen with the system
• automatically checks the program for the latest version of the application
• results and log files can be emailed to the user for reference
• appearance of the program on the desktop can be changed depending on the user’s preference