Sensors View

STV Software (Shareware)

Sensors View is a system utility developed by STV Software and released on January 2013. The program enables users to perform temperature monitoring of the vital parts of a computer system. This includes the motherboard, CPU, hard disk drives, RAM, and the video card. The program likewise measures the fan speed and voltages used. However, this feature is dependent on the motherboard compatibility with the program. The program informs the user whether any of the parameters show critical values which can result to fan stop or CPU overheating. Each instance is recorded in a log file. Every parameter is customizable as to name, icon, and chart color. Users may also set the critical threshold for each parameter.

Sensors View features a simple grey user interface. The top portion shows the temperatures of the cores, the video card, the power supply, and the hard drives. Below that is the CPU Clock speed in MHZ. The interface likewise displays the usage percentages of the cores, RAM, and HDD, respectively. A timeline view shows the rates of usage per parameter in a line graph. The program likewise shows the fan speed of the CPU fan, the power supply fan, and the system fan, in RPM. Voltage usages are shown at the bottom. The bottom bar displays options to access the Settings, Log File, Line graph, and Shut Down options.