Semagic Team (Freeware)

Semagic is a blog software that assists in writing and updating blog posts straight from the computer's desktop. It supports publishing to blogging platforms such as LiveJournal, Blogger, and Wordpress. Additionally it can also assist in uploading pictures to image sharing websites like Picasa and Flickr.

When Semagic is installed, its interface looks similar with other blogging platforms’ interfaces. The subject line is where the user can type the blog post title. The central pane is where the body of the post is typed. To start using the program, the user just types his log-in credentials to the blogging platform that he is using. In this way, there is no need to write blog posts using the blog platform's web editor. The log-in details need to be typed just once. The software remembers it the next time it is used. Writing can be done through the WYSIWYG editor or the HTML editor. In WYSIWYG editor, whatever is typed in will appear as that of the finished blog post. When using the HTML editor, the texts are enclosed in HTML tags.

There are options where the user can specify a mood and what music is currently playing while writing the post. Formatting options are in the menu bar. Additionally, the software has a stand-alone spell checker that can make the blog post error-free. Dictionaries can be downloaded to add grammar proofing functionality.