SEGA vf2

SEGA (Proprietary)

SEGA’s Virtua Figher 2 is the second in the series of Virtua Fighter titles. It is a classic, arcade fighting game that was released in November 1994 for arcade machines. It was then ported to Microsoft Windows in 1997. It harnessed Sega’s proprietary arcade machine hardware to run at 60 frames per second with relatively high resolution during the time of its release. The game has 9 characters returning from the original Virtua Fighter game with 2 new characters added, making a total of 11 playable characters.

The game featured options not usually found in an arcade-style fighting game. Users could adjust the arena size. Virtua Fighter places characters on a circular arena with a bottomless pit around it. This allows for a player to lose a battle for one of two reasons. The first reason for loss would be that a character runs out of hit points (HP) or a character falls from the edge of the arena. A player can also adjust the amount of HP a character has; from very little to an infinite amount. This allows for an interesting battle style where there can only be a victor if a character falls from the battle arena. Virtua Fighter 2 is a classic fighting game that stands among its peer titles such as Street Fighter and King of Fighters.