See Through Windows

MobZystems (Freeware)

See Through Windows is an application developed by the company, MobZystems. This is a type of software that basically allows its users to transform generic application windows into windows that computer users can see through. The program works as such: There is a designated hotkey that is configured into the system that, when pressed, turns a particular application window transparent. This then allows the user to see through to the window being able to view what it underneath the active window.

See Through Windows can be reliable when dealing with pop-up windows that simply cannot be controlled or disabled. Aside from making these windows transparent by means of a designated hotkey, the same program can also be applied to window maximization and minimization actions. Therefore, hotkeys can be configured for ease of access. Aside from enlarging or downsizing windows, the program also makes it possible for users to send any unwanted or unimportant windows to open in another monitor or tab for later viewing.

There are different levels of transparency that the user can set when it comes to this program. The interface is simple. There are four main options including the former. The hotkey designation also appears on the screen via a dropdown menu. The user can then tick off options on the maximization and minimization actions as well as tab or monitor transfers for windows.