SecurView Pro

TRENDnet (Freeware)

SecurView Pro is the accompanying application to the SecurView Pro Internet cameras. With this application, users can set up their cameras and lick on a specific one to view its video stream in real time from another computer or a mobile device via the Internet. Users can zoom in and out of the video. When zooming in using a smartphone, users can pan around by dragging their finger or the cursor across the screen. The application also comes with a Snapshot button so users can take still photos of the video and save these in their mobile phones.

This application has support for multiple cameras, allowing users to manage up to 32 devices. Some of SecurView Pro’s advanced features are the following:

• 3x Digital zoom
• Motion detection recording
• Scheduled recording sessions so users can set the specific time/s when cameras will start and stop recording
• Email alerts to inform the user of device status and when motion is detected
• MJPEG image compression to save on memory space without affecting quality

Users can also control the saturation, contrast, and brightness of recordings for optimum clarity. This application allows users to record the video stream directly to their computer or external drive, as well as configure and adjust their cameras without having to access the server.