SecurityKISS Tunnel 0.3.0

SecurityKISS (Shareware)

SecurityKISS Tunnel is an application that allows users to gain access to the Internet even with location or censorship restrictions. It also provides security by preventing others from seeing Internet activities and personal information. It makes a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between the system and the software’s gateway so that all Internet activities pass through a hidden tunnel. All the activities that go through the tunnel are encrypted to ensure that credit card numbers, addresses, passwords, and other personal information remain private. The application collects information about the IP address and the time of connection. However, these logs are deleted after 10 days.

SecurityKISS Tunnel is simple and easy to use. Once installed, users do not need to configure any settings. Users can also choose from a list of VPN servers that are located in different parts of the world, such as Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and more.  The free version of the program has a daily data limit of 300Mb, while the paid versions have a monthly limit of 20Gb or 30Gb.

The program’s main interface shows if the computer is connected to an encrypted tunnel. Other information displayed on the main window includes the local IP address and the external IP address.