WOLFCODERS (Shareware)

SecurityCam is a security program that makes use of a computer as a surveillance camera. The computer must have a working web camera in order to use the application. This security software can be used in homes and small businesses. The application does not record all the time. Instead, it only starts recording whenever something or someone moves in front of the camera. When this happens, recording automatically begins. There are also other options for actions that can be done when a movement is detected. The user can preview the recording, an audio file can be played as a warning, or a snapshot can be taken.

The surveillance camera can be monitored from within the premises or from a remote location. Monitoring from a remote location requires Internet connection. When the application is not in use, its icon remains on the system tray. The main window pops-up when a movement is detected.

SecurityCam’s settings window provides several options for the behavior of the program. The detecting interval (in frames per second) can be changed. There are also sliders for device properties (brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, saturation, sharpness, and gain). An advanced menu is also available. The program comes with a help file that tackles several topics in using the application.