Security Task Manager 1.8g

Neuber Software (Shareware)

Security Task Manager is a security and information system program developed by Neuber Software. It is primarily used for checking information about the processes and programs running on a computer. This allows users to detect any unknown rootkits or malware hiding from the computer system to help enhance the Task Manager.

The program works by detecting all the running processes and tasks. After the scan, Security Task Manager then shows the list of the processes and tasks together with their details. The application also shows the ranking for each processes, which is based on their security risk rating. The list of processes can also be sorted according to different aspects such as name, risk factor, manufacturer, size, CPU usage, and more.

Highly-rated tasks or processes can be quarantined by users. The program can either remove or quarantine keyloggers, spyware, Trojans, and other malware. Quarantined processes are automaticalled moved to an isolated folder. Aside from this, the application can also delete Windows Registry Autostart keys. The program also features the SpyProtector add-on utility, which is used for detecting and deleting any Internet or computer activity traces. This utility can also be used for disabling mouse or keyboard surveillance programs. Users are warned whenever the Windows Registry Autostart keys are modified.