BUFFALO INC. (Proprietary)

SecureLockWare is a program that allows users to encrypt external hard drives. To use the application, users just have to connect the hard drive to the computer and then provide a password. After encrypting the hardware, all the contents inside are security with 256-bit AES encryption. Additionally, users have the option to choose which items in the drive must be encrypted. This gives users complete control over their personal files and files that can be shared with other users.

Upon launching the program, users can set the capacity for the encryption box. By default, the encryption used is 256-bit AES, but there is also an option to use 128-bit encryption. The main interface consists of buttons that are located at the upper portion of the window. The encrypted box and other folders are displayed as a tree view on the left side of the main window. When a location is selected, all its contents are displayed at the right side of the window including the filename, file size, and file type.

More key features of the application are as follows:

• Users can bring their encrypted files everywhere they go
• Encrypted hard drive can be used with any computer
• Keeps personal files safe from unauthorized users