VanDyke Software, Inc. (Shareware)

SecureCRT is a SSH/Telnet client and terminal emulator program developed by VanDyke Software, Inc. It was initially released on October 4, 1995. It is used for network end user access and administration. The application offers various Secure Shell features. It utilizes strong encryption protocols with a wide range of authentication options used for protecting user accounts, passwords, computer systems and data.

The program is capable of emulating different terminal consoles such as Wyse 50/60, VT220, VT100, VT102 and more. It also supports Xterm extensions used for altering title bar and sending mouse events. Character attributes are also supported including bold, reverse, underline, VT line drawing symbols among other things. Other emulation features available in this program include raw protocol mode, national replacement character set, window size change and others.

Customization and session management features are available in this program as well. These features are mainly used for multiple sessions and allow users to define particular parameters for various hosts and firewalls. There’s also a chat window used for composing texts before sending them to the remote system. Organizing sessions in nested folders is also possible using either drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste features.

SecureCRT can also be used for creating keyboard mappings for any combination of keys. It also has a graphical keymap editor for making keymap files, which can also be shared between networks. The program also provides firewall, file transfer, scripting, logging and printing functionalities.