Secure Shredder

Safer Networking Limited (Bundled)

Secure Shredder is an application that is used to target harmful elements in the internet such as malicious codes, adware, and spyware. An adware is an application that automatically displays marketing promotions or advertising materials. A spyware collects information about a subject or a target group without one’s consent that breach privacy and other confidential information. Shredder utilizes the system registry to remove files, modifications and security tracks to prevent recovery of confidential files. The application does not guarantee all-around protection since it does not have the capability to protect users from all types of virus attacks. It has an update mechanism that automatically updates the system for new protection features.

Upon installing the program, users are prompted to choose components to be installed. This includes languages, skin designs, and components of the Security Center. Once downloaded and installed, the program will conduct a back-up for the system registry. This process will ensure stability of the system during scanning and cleaning disk drives.

Users can get the free version of the program by downloading the application in the main website of Users can choose from Free, Home use and Professional version. Home and Professional version is equipped with additional features such as Boot CD Creator, Protected Repair Environment, and Nag Screen Plus.