Secure Eraser 4.201

ASCOMP Software GmbH (Shareware)

Secure Eraser is a hard disk eraser developed by ASCOMP and released on March 2009. This program specializes in permanently deleting files and folders in a PC. Information are not just deleted but also overwritten numerous times to make sure that they will no longer be recovered. This securely deletes data and protects the same from unauthorized access. This program not only overwrites data but also employs US Department of Defense approved deletion standards.

Secure Eraser features a tabbed interface featuring five tabs—Start, Settings, Journal, Update, and Help. Under the Start tab, users have six main options. File and folder deletion button enables users to perform basic secure file deletions. Free space deletion enables users to delete files which are already deleted but may still be recovered. Drive/partition deletion enables users to delete a drive or a partition securely. System Cleaning deletes temporary files, as well as user-specific files. Registry Cleaning enables users to clean Windows Registry entries. Deletion reports are generated every time the user performs any of the first three options. These reports may be managed through the Report Administration button. Clicking any of the buttons launches the main dialog window for that selection. Files that are available for deletion are shown with a corresponding tick box. Users may choose to delete selections one at a time or by batch. Registry Cleaning and System Cleaning actions may be performed the same way.