Secunia PSI

Secunia (Freeware)

The Secunia PSI (Personal Security Inspector) application is a security suite for Windows computers. The program scans the system and looks for the programs that need security updates. The results window then shows all the software security updates available. The application provides a score for system security. Once the scanning of the system is complete, the items are tagged as Patched, Insecure, and End-of-Life. The program installs all the needed updates automatically. However, there are some programs that cannot be updated automatically by Secunia PSI. For these programs, the user must do manual updates.

The program can be used both by novice and advanced computer users as there are two options for the interface – Simple or Advanced Layout. The simple layout provides basic information of the system and the installed programs, while the advanced layout provides more detailed options for carrying out actions using the program.

The Secunia PSI application can be used in tandem with existing security programs that are installed in the computer. It runs in the background to constantly check the state of all the installed programs. Users can also add programs to the Secunia PSI’s database by supplying details. The software also has a help feature that can be accessed at the bottom right part of the window.