Secrets of the Titanic

Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Shareware)

Secrets of the Titanic 1912-2012 is a time-travel themed video game that takes players to a "Hidden Object" adventure. The game is set in two different time periods but primarily takes place in the iconic location where the famed luxury liner sunk. Aside from the main gaming exploit in Secrets of the Titanic, there are also several challenging mini-games that players should unravel and conquer. Puzzles can be unlocked randomly, and players will be tasked to solve them for extra credit. It follows a unique storyline that focuses on the main characters journey to scavenge what used to be in the Titanic and what is left of these things after the ship has submerged in deep waters.

Secrets of the Titanic focuses on Eva’s family adventure on retrieving an array of items from the sunken ship. The story begins by showing an introductory clip where Eva begins to experience flashbacks after wearing her grandmother's necklace. The flashbacks take her onboard the Titanic before the tragedy happened, and the exciting twist is she takes on the form of her grandmother. She is then tasked to save the ship from hitting the iceberg and attempt to change the course of history. The catch however is the significant impact of her mission to the present time once she has come back to her own time period.