Secret Explorer 8.0.1546

LastBit Software (Shareware)

LastBit Software’s Secret Explorer is a system inspection and maintenance tool that allows users to find, analyze, and modify hidden data in Windows Protected Storage. It also has a feature for importing and exporting personal data, making it an ideal tool for those users who are going to be using a new computer and would like to set it up the same way as the old one without having to remember all of the stored passwords. In detail, this application locates and retrieves the following:

• Passwords for password-protected sites such as social networks and blogging platforms
• Autocomplete data for website account logins
• Dial-up passcodes
• Usernames and passwords for email clients

Secret Explorer has two versions available for users, namely Standard and Professional. While the Standard version has the basic functions of viewing, analyzing, editing, importing, and exporting data, the Professional version has some added features, such as:

• Special report mode – used in computer investigation and forensic examination
• Scripting support – using Visual Basic Scripting, developers can write macros to control the program
• Reports written in XML – the Standard version of the application provides users with reports written in plain text
• Importation of foreign registry files
• OLE Automation – OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding, which allows users to access and control the program from other applications.