Secret Disk 2.04 (Freeware)

Secret Disk is an application that allows users to create a disk on the computer for storing important and personal files. The additional disk will be invisible to prevent other users from accessing its contents. In addition, the user can also place a password to the new disk, so that only authorized users will be able to view the contents of the disk. The program has a simple interface where users can change the behavior and properties of the invisible disk.

On the program’s main window, the icon of the invisible disk together with its name and disk letter will be displayed. Users have total control over which letter to use. Users can also change the name of the drive. Other options include starting the program when the computer boots up, hiding the disk when the screensaver is activated, and enabling or disabling tooltips. Users can also change the PIN code for the invisible disk on the main window.

Other features of the Secret Disk application are the following:

• all files and folders can be stored inside the invisible disk
• users can create more than one invisible disk
• simple and easy-to-use interface
• compatible with most applications