Second Sight

Free Radical Design (Proprietary)

Second Sight is an mystery action adventure game created by the company, Free Radical Design. The game’s plot revolves around a male character named John Vattic, who mysteriously wakes up in a medical facility without any recollection or clue of how he got there. The only thing he remembers is being part of a secret mission in Siberia as an adviser to an elite team of U.S. Marines called WinterICE. The goal of the mission was to find Victor Grienko, a Russian scientist working on classified psychic experiments for the corrupt director of the National Security Executive.

Also part of the failed mission was Jayne Wilde, a psychic whom Vattic initially thought had perished, but he realized through one of many flashbacks that she had also survived. Vattic heads to a mental institution in Vermont to rescue Wilde, after which they hide in the sewers to discuss what really happened in the mission. Vattic also discovers that he has psychic abilities, which he uses to track down the other survivors of the mission. Vattic and Wilde eventually find WinterICE’s commanding officer Johua Starke and with his help, they find out that the mastermind of the psychic experiments is actually the director of the NSE.