SeaTools for Windows

Seagate Technology (Shareware)

SeaTools for Windows is a diagnostic tool that displays the state hard drives (internal and external). It was first released in 2007. The software performs a diagnostic test on the system to see the current condition of the drive. It scans file system corruption, hardware conflicts, driver corruption, broken master boot records, spyware, viruses, and many more. The software’s window displays the available drives for scanning. There are seven types of basic tests that can be performed by the program. These are:

Fix All
Short Drive Self Test (less than 2 minutes)
Drive Information
Short Generic (outer scan, inner scan, random read)
Long Generic (2 to 4 hours)
Advanced Tests

After conducting the system test, the software provides a summary of the results. These results show if the tested components passed or failed. Aborted tests are shown, too. All the diagnostic tests performed on the system are kept in a log file, which can be accessed under Program Files/Seagate. Advanced tests are also available for advanced computer users. The features of advanced tests are firmware updates, USB Erase, SED Crypto Erase, and Full Erase (SATA).

The SeaTools for Windows application also works on non-Seagate external hard drives, such as Maxtor or Samsung.