Season Tool Trondheim by Raphael Jakob

Aerosoft GmbH (Proprietary)

Season Tool Trondheim by Raphael Jakob is a utility distributed by the flight simulation software company Aerosoft GmbH. The utility is an add-on program for Aerosoft’s Trondheim-Vaernes flight simulation package. Add-ons provide added functionality to a particular program, and this tool is just one of many add-ons developed for the simulation programs distributed by Aerosoft. Season Tool Trondheim enables the associated flight simulation application to run with season options. This means that users can fly aircrafts in winter, spring, summer, or autumn environments.

Each season adds a completely different level of difficulty when it comes to the flight simulation experience. This is because different seasons would have a different effect on how the aircraft functions, so users will have to learn how to fly an aircraft with these varying, and sometime unpredictable, weather conditions in mind.

One of the most popular seasons chosen by program users is the winter option. The snow and wind components add a certain degree of difficulty to the entire flight, making it a great training ground for those who are involved in the industry of flying. For program users who simply want to improve their credentials when it comes to flying virtual aircrafts, practicing with a certain degree of snowfall can also prove to be a satisfying learning experience.