Season Match

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Season Match is a game in the Match-3 genre. The story behind the game tells about a Snow Queen who has made winter the season all year round because of a broken magic mirror. To defeat the Snow Queen, the player must collect all of the mirror pieces by freeing these from the jeweled grids. This is achieved by clicking on groups of 3 or more matching jewels.

The game offers three game modes: arcade, quest, and trophy mode. The most popular is the Quest mode, in which players go through different stages, each with a set of goals to accomplish. There are two difficulty levels, namely Relax and Action. In the first option, users can play without a time limit. In the Action mode, a time limit is set.

Players can use magic tools such as clovers, torches, and daggers to remove rows and separate jewels. Coins can also be collected and placed on the time bar to add to the playing time. The game also features bonuses such as petards, energy crystals, weights, and rainbows that help in clearing out the grid. These magic tools, bonuses, and coins are activated by destroying the jewels near them.

When the level has been completed, the application will show the game statistics, including the number of jewels destroyed, the number of coins found, the time spent on the level, and the total number of points the player has accumulated. The player can then advance to the next level until all of the broken mirror’s pieces are collected.