Search Protection

Yahoo! Inc (Freeware)

Yahoo! Search Protection is add-on software for Yahoo! Search engine users. Yahoo! Search Protection allow users to manage their Yahoo! Search engine by monitoring and preventing attempts to make changes to the browser’s default settings. A search engine is a web-based application that let users search for information by means of a text query on the World Wide Web. Yahoo! is a type of a search engine provider.

Yahoo! Search Protection protects a user’s browser by detecting attempts to make unauthorized changes to the default browser setting. These attempts are often the result of viruses, spyware, or spam that infects the user’s computer when accessing websites. Viruses and spyware are malicious programs that make harmful changes to the user’s computer, while spam is a type of an unsolicited e-mail (electronic mail) that may contain viruses. Once that Yahoo! Search Protection detects an attempt to change the user’s browser settings, it will alert the user by displaying a prompt, containing information about the attempted changes. The user will be given a choice to accept the changes or cancel it and keep the browser’s original settings. The program also labels the website as potentially dangerous on its results page, if a user browses using the Yahoo! search engine. Yahoo! Search Protection is made available as an additional program once a user installs Yahoo! Toolbar or Yahoo! Messenger.