Search Party

Antech Systems, Inc. (Proprietary)

Search Party is a program that serves the purpose of allowing its users to publish directory information on the Web or burn them in readable CDs. Basically, this particular program works as an interactive database. Aside from publishing specific contact information on protected websites, it is also possible for program users to publish different types of media presentations as well.

The Search Party program was released by Antech Systems Inc. as a way of helping people create usable directories with ease. Unlike other pieces of publishing software, this program provides additional support that allows for the creation of directories which are open to manipulation. When used, the generated directories do not exist as read-only files but interactive pages on the Internet as well as on the CDs that the data has been stored in.

The program is extremely user-friendly. Directories simply have to be uploaded onto a computer system and then imported into the primary program interface. Everything else from the encoding to the publishing will be handled by the application. All that users have to do is click a launch button for the conversion and publication to take effect. When a directory has been published, it can easily be edited as necessary.