Search Engine Builder,Inc. (Proprietary)

Search Engine Builder is a software tool developed by Aleadsoft that helps business owners to manage their own internal search engine for their website. Once installed, it prompts the user to allow tools called search spiders to “crawl” and keep a log of all the pages in a particular website. These pages are analyzed and subsequently indexed, where a record of their metadata are kept by the search engine platform. This process lets site visitors find pages where their keywords are found at the fastest possible time. The time it takes for the indexing process to finish is dependent on the volume of pages that a business website has. Typically, smaller websites, such as those that promote a person’s hobby, topical blogs, and other static websites that only provide textual information, are indexed faster than corporate websites, which can contain hundreds of pages that have vital information stored in each page.

Two editions of Search Engine Builder exist: Standard and Professional. While the features in both applications are almost identical in nature, the Professional edition is specifically aimed at users who manage large websites, which comprise thousands of web pages. Site visitors who search websites that use Search Engine Builder are known to get to their target webpages faster, since the content of the pages are logged by the search engine even before the pages are checked.