Sean O'Connor's Windows Games Ltd Niggle 1

Sean O'Connor's Windows Games Ltd (Freeware)

Sean O'Connor's Windows Games Ltd Niggle is a Windows-based PC game for kids, teens, and adults. This application is developed and created by Sean O’Connor, who also designed other computer games that are available for download and play via his website.This game is also referred to as “Oh Hell”. Niggle is basically a card game. Players simply make a guess on how many card tricks are there to win in a round. However, it has a twist as players must attempt to stop their opponents from having the same target number or guess. There are 4 players in every round, including the user, which means the user has to beat 3 players to win the game.

In playing this game, there are bets to make. Players can select the amount to bet. This can be either won or lost depending on how good and strategic they are. Sean O'Connor's Windows Games Ltd Niggle is made with a simple, easy-to-use interface. From the players’ view, the cards are positioned face down, except the cards of the user, which are facing up. Each player must place a card to face up as they predict and guess the number of tricks they could win.