Sean O'Connor's Windows Games Ltd, Football-o-saurus 1

Sean O'Connor's Windows Games Ltd (Freeware)

Sean O'Connor's Windows Games Ltd, Football-o-saurus is one of the PC games for Windows-based computers developed by Sean O’Connor. This particular game is about a 5-a-side dinosaur football. A team consists of 5 dinosaurs that play the classic sports European football. In this game, the main goal of players is to win a score by shooting the ball into the net. They have to control their dinosaurs to run, move, and pass the ball. In terms of defense play, they mark the opponents.

This game can be played as a single player or by multiple players. It allows up to ten players in a game. Players can use different computers of the same Internet connectivity, like those who share networks. They can also play with other online players from different parts of the country or the world.

Sean O'Connor's Windows Games Ltd, Football-o-saurus is made with visual graphics and sound effects. It can be viewed in full screen or zoom points. The user interface is simple and easy to use. This makes it a friendly PC game for kids. On the screen, in addition to the dinosaurs, ball, and nets, there is also a pack of audience that automatically cheers upon scoring a goal. The names of teams, scores, and the playing time are displayed on top of the screen.