SeaMonkey 2.39 (Freeware)

SeaMonkey is a program developed by SeaMonkey Council and was released in January 2006. This program is an all-in-one Internet suite that allows users to perform various tasks using their Web browser. SeaMonkey provides features such as the regular Web browser used to perform keyword searches in the Internet, a mail platform that allows users to perform e-mail tasks such as composing text body, attaching files to e-mails, managing the address book, and forwarding messages. This program also has a news client feature, which allows users to view the latest updates on news topics such as international news, sports news, business news, and entertainment news. In addition to these, SeaMonkey has a built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor that allows users to type HTML codes used in creating or editing a website. Other features include browsing history access, a Webpage translator, a built-in manager for cookies, images, pop-up windows, downloads, passwords, add-ons, as well as access to the Error console, DOM inspector, and JavaScript Debugger.

SeaMonkey features a user interface that has a similar layout to most Web browsers. This program contains parts such as the back, forward, reload, stop, search, and print buttons, as well as an address bar. This program also contains shortcuts for the browser’s home page, bookmarks, and most visited websites. Users can also find shortcuts for the SeaMonkey website,, MozillaZine, and SeaMonkey’s main features can be accessed in the Window menu. This menu contains shortcuts used to access the browser, mail & newsgroups, HTML composer, address book, and chatbox.