Seagate Manager

Seagate Technology LLC (Freeware)

Seagate Manager is a program that enables users to manage and configure settings for their Seagate hard drive. Seagate manufactures a line of external hard drives such as the Seagate Freeagent. This program can be used to backup and restore the data content of the user’s hard drive, encrypt multiple files and folders in a specific location and also synchronize one or more folders between two or more personal computers. The program’s synchronization function can also synchronize back-up and encrypted data created by the user in a particular location. In addition to these, Seagate Manager contains features that allow users to control the power management, software updates, and hard drive display lights of their Seagate product.

Seagate Manager features a simple and clean user interface that four task buttons that performs a particular drive management task. The first button is the “My Drives” button, which displays the status of all Seagate hard drives connected to the user’s computer. This section displays the drive name, the drive’s overall size, and its remaining free memory. Users can select a drive they want to manage from this section. The next button is the “Backup” button, which enables users to perform a backup of their selected hard drive. users can select between a simple backup which allows the program to automatically select the folders for backup or a custom backup where users can personally select the files and folders to be backed-up as well as the schedule for backup tasks. The next button is the “Sync” button that synchronizes files and folders between two or more file locations. Users are also given a choice between simple sync and custom sync in this section. The final button is the “Security” button, which encrypts the data of selected files and folders. Users are prompted to input a password in order for the data encryption to proceed.