Sea Journey

DivoGames (Shareware)

Sea Journey is a match-3 puzzle game developed by the company, DivoGames. The game’s plot follows the adventures of a young sea captain who decided not to follow in his parents’ footsteps of being a pirate and be a humble merchant, instead. Unfortunately, he eventually gives in to being a pirate after a slew of pirate attacks along with a message and talisman from his father sent to him by an old man. He is lured by the promise of wealth and treasures, so he sets sail with his own crew of pirate. They begin to hop from one island to the next, exploring them for treasures while fighting off enemies.

The main gameplay of Sea Journey involves the player and an AI opponent. The game features a grid filled with various items like colored crystals, coins, cannons, and scrolls. The player’s main task is to match at least three of the same items, and even though there is no time limit, the player must accomplish this while defeating enemies and attacking potential opponents. Forming coin matches gives the player an opportunity to purchase ship upgrades, scroll matches adds player experience, and colored crystal matches unlocks special skills. Both the player and AI opponent each have three moves at a time, but the player gets an extra move if s/e is able to make four or five matches.