SE-TrayMenu 1.5.3

SE-SOFT.COM (Freeware)

SE-TrayMenu is a program that provides users with quick and easy access to their frequently used applications and other software. This program is lightweight, portable, and is available for free download in the Internet. SE-TrayMenu appears as a small pop-up menu that automatically displays the user has frequently used applications. This pop-up menu can be customized to include any program or software icon that the user chooses. SE-TrayMenu works the same way as desktop shortcut functions, where it links the application’s root directory to the icon displayed in the pop-up menu. SE-TrayMenu provides quick access to normal shortcuts and menus by eliminating the need to browse through a bunch of folders and lists in order to access a program. Users may add programs to the pop-up menu by dragging and dropping an icon from the desktop or windows explorer onto the pop-up menu. In addition to these, SE-TrayMenu provides users with a settings menu where they can select a layout for the pop-up menu, choose a color theme, and manually select applications that will be displayed in the list.

SE-TrayMenu‘s user interface appears as a pop-up menu that can be accessed from the desktop’s system tray. The program’s settings menu contains four main configuration options: Main Settings, Applications, Layout, and Color Theme. The main settings allow users to set the language of the program interface, and set the program to run during startup. The applications tab allows users to select the applications to be displayed in the pop-up menu while the Layout menu allows users to select a layout or display mode for the pop-up menu. Lastly, Color Theme allows users to select the color of the pop-up menu.