SDP Downloader 2.3.0

SDP Multimedia (Freeware)

SDP Downloader is a streaming and recording software developed by SDP Multimedia. SDP stands for Streaming Download Project, a group of individuals dedicated in coding and developing numerous programs. SDP Downloader lets users stream audio and video played online. Aside from streaming, the program also allows users to download media files by recording them while playing. Files only available for streaming cannot be downloaded, but this program now makes saving files possible by saving them as .wmv or .asf files. At this point, users can begin converting the saved files to their preferred media file formats.

The software supports streaming URLs with MMST://, HTTP://, and MMS:// syntaxes. The program cannot support recording or downloading media played on famous streaming sites and those with URLs ending with .swf (flash-based videos that are only playable in web browsers or limited media players).

Aside from streaming and downloading, the program lets users preview the file being played. This lets the users know if they are playing the right media that they have been looking for. Its user interface is also easy to control. Every button is organized and has respective functionality. It will not intimidate any computer user even if they are not as adept with the concept of downloading media files. SDP Downloader also has an active back-end group answering queries coming from people using the tool anywhere across the globe. They are open in receiving feedback and questions for any problems encountered during streaming.