SDLXLIFF To Legacy Converter

LOGOS (Freeware)

SDLXLIFF To Legacy Converter is a light and compact tool for SDLXLIFF conversion from Trados and legacy formats. It provides basic to advanced filters for segment exclusion especially on segments that fall under other status categories that may interfere export and import processes. SDLXLIFF To Legacy Converter allows users to update or assign user settings to enable various file type integration. The software can also be used as a project management tool for SDL Studio translations to legacy formats such as bilingual or TTX documents using the Trados style. The converted file will clean up into an Old Trados 2007 Translation Memory without affecting the target file or altering the texts on the encoded files. Thus, the outputs will not necessarily be in the same file type similar to the one used in creating the original SDLXLIFF file.

SDLXLIFF To Legacy Converter supports conversion of SDLXLIFF files into bilingual doc(x), bilingual TTX, and TMX Translation Memory. Important changes for optimum translation are automatically done. Empty target translations can be done using a copy source that targets empty segments prior to export. By default, it can simply ignore empty translations. A filter option for "Un-locked segments" is also available. This enables fast translation because it filters previously un-locked segments by numbers and then locks them up again before they are exported for TTX analysis and reanalysis.