SDL International (Proprietary)

SDLX is an application developed by SDL international that translates a language into a series of target languages. A translation process is composed of a source and target language which can be matched to complete a transition from one language to another. A source language contains segments with similar characteristics.  During file translation, every similar segment in the source language will be converted automatically.  There are different types of source files which include HTML, RTF and MIF files.

Target and source files will be sorted out and will be arranged into Projects. These Projects will be compiled and will be used before translation. In this manner, the initial stage will determine which segments are qualified to continue to the next phase. Each file type would have corresponding folders for storage. A sub folder may be used for more sorting options. Once the process is completed, the translated language will be saved in a database. The application uses Translation Memory or also known as TM that acts as the electronic database for language translation.  SDLX has an SDL Edit module which is responsible for the program’s translation. The program also has an SDL Edit Tool that uses Intermediate Translation Document (ITD) which serves as a storage system for segments.