Softmax (Proprietary)

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is a video game developed by Softmax and was released in 2007. This game was first released in South Korea and was followed by releases in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and North America. SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is a massive multiplayer online game where players can interact with one another in an online virtual environment. This game also provides a third-person shooter game play where players engage in long range and melee combat in a third person perspective. Playing this game requires an internet connection and an online account where the user’s character information is saved.

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is based on the Gundam franchise, a Japanese series featuring futuristic war machines called Mobile Suits. A Mobile Suit is a huge robot that is piloted by a human and is capable of space travel. Mobile suits carry advanced weapons such as laser cannons, missiles, and a beam sword for close combat. In SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, players take control of Mobile Suits from the different Gundam eras: Cosmic Era, Future Century, and Universal Century. This game is played with matches that can be joined by up to twelve players, or in co-operative missions that can hold 4 players. Winning matches allows players to gain points, which is the in-game currency used to purchase upgrades and other equipment. The game also provides the player with experience as well as bonuses for winning team matches. A Mobile Suit’s strength is denoted by its rank: C rank being the weakest and S rank being the strongest. A player can increase the Mobile Suit’s rank by gaining experience through missions and team matches.