SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

SOFTMAX (Freeware)

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is developed by the computer gaming company SOFTMAX, based in South Korea. It was first released for online playing exclusively in South Korea in 2007. Players from other countries were eventually permitted to join online Gundam games. China was the first (2008), followed by Japan (2009), North America (2012), some parts of Southeast Asia (2012), and Australia (2012).

The SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online game is considered as an MMOTPS, or a massively multiplayer online third-person-shooter game. Players take command of forces that are involved in all Gundam periods or eras. These units include Future Century or G Gundam, Universal Century, and Cosmic Era or SEED. This game can be played by teams of players, such as in co-op missions, in which a team consists of four players.

The two main game modes are PvP and Mission. PvP mode is a one-on-one game for up to 12 players per game or match. Players earn points when they win a game match. This can be played in 6 styles: Normal, Death, Boss, Single, Tag, or Grid. The Mission mode is for four-player teams. Every mission completed by a team is rewarded with random prizes, which include points, stickers, paints, and unit plans. Players can choose to play the game in the Normal mode or by going through the different Scenarios.