Sculptris Alpha 6 16.0

Pixologic (Proprietary)

Sculptris is a 3D computer graphics application that is designed for both beginners and advanced graphic artists. It has an intuitive interface so that users can focus more on creating 3D objects. Users can navigate through the program in two ways. The first is by right clicking and free moving, and the second is by using the original navigation and the hotkeys. One of the main features of the application is dynamic tessellation. This feature allows designers to create geometrically correct models without too much effort. The program analyzes the surface of the model and provides details to the creation. This is useful when sculpting details and other parts of an object. The program also comes with several sculpting brushes, such as smooth, crease, flatten, grab, and pinch to make it easier for designers to create realistic sculptures.

Sculptris 3D also comes with texturing and painting brushes. Some of the other features of the program are projection painting, bump painting, and automatic UV creation. The application also comes with a wide variety of materials that simulate their effects. The program can be used together with ZBrush, a 2.5D/3D modeling program from the same developer. The GoZ feature allows users to send their projects straight to the ZBrush application.