S.C.S. - Dangerous Waters

Sonalysts Inc (Proprietary)

S.C.S. – Dangerous Waters is a modern warfare simulator game set at sea. The video game features different armed naval units from various countries such as the Russian Federation Navy, the United States Navy, and the Chinese Navy. The campaign mode of Dangerous Waters allows players to control these and seven other countries’ navies in the game. The player can control vessels and other vehicles modeled after real-life ships, subs, and aircraft as well. These player-controllable platforms include the Seawolf sub and P-3C Orion aircraft. Players can also create their own custom scenarios via the mission editor bundled with the game.

The game also showcases experiences of being onboard these naval units, in addition to the control of these from a bird’s-eye perspective. For example, a player can take on tasks aboveboard; tasks include manning radar and sonar to observe the environs and take action should enemies or obstacles be encountered. Some missions can also be completed manually, or have some of the tasks undertaken by AI. In the latter case, a simulated crew takes on the peripheral functions necessary for completion of a mission. In multiplayer mode, a number of human players can work together to finish levels by each occupying crew stations on a single vessel.