Scribd Uploader 1.0.7 Beta (Freeware)

Scribd Uploader is an application that assists users in uploading files from the PC and sharing them online. Scribd is one of the biggest online document libraries today, with millions of users reading and sharing files. Scribd lets its users read documents online without having to download the files first. Users can also read documents on Scribd even if they do not have a document reader.  

The Scribd Uploader is a desktop tool that allows registered Scribd users to easily upload documents by simply browsing files and clicking the ‘+ ADD’ icon. Users can also use the drag and drop function. The uploader also has a ‘-REMOVE’ icon which lets users remove documents from the list of files to be uploaded. This application has an option where users can specify meta-tags of documents for uploading, such as description and document title. Users can specify if the document is for private or public use so it will not be accessible without the user’s permission.

The process of uploading files pretty straightforward as it only requires a click on the upload button. The progress of the upload will be shown. The uploader has a built-in error console, which can help users check for common errors.