Screeny 3 Professional 3

KAEMSOFT (Shareware)

Screeny 3 Professional is an application primarily used for taking screenshots of whatever is displayed on the desktop. This program assists the user to take a snapshot of documents, presentations, and even videos currently displayed on the screen. The program saves the screenshot in common image formats like JPEG and GIF. After the snapshot is done, the user can then open the image file in popular photo applications like Microsoft Picture Viewer. The image can also be uploaded and shared on the Internet. This can be accomplished via  image-sharing sites like Flickr and Imgur, as well as social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus.

Screeny 3 Professional has a built-in image editor. Once a screenshot is captured, the user is prompted by the display of a new window. In this new window, the user can add some enhancements to the image. There are drawing tools, which allows the user to annotate the image. These annotations include highlights, lines, arrows, as well as adding text. After the user edits the image, the screenshots can be saved in the preferred output folder or other destination. This screenshot can be shared online or even printed. For this to be possible, the image must first be opened in an image-viewing or editing application, and then printed on paper.