ScreenThemes 3.0


ScreenThemes is an application used for managing screensavers. It supports high-resolution images that can be set as the computer’s desktop wallpaper. The program’s interface consists of wallpaper packs built-in to the program. All the packs can be viewed in a tree-view located at the left side of the window, while the right side of the window displays thumbnails of images. The program has two wallpaper modes. The first one, which is startup, chooses a random wallpaper to load on the desktop each time the system is restarted. The wallpaper is also changed at the start of each day. The second mode is interactive, which displays thumbnails of all the wallpapers imported to the program.

ScreenThemes comes with several wallpaper collections. Wallpapers in one collection all share a common theme. Some collections built-in to the program include landscapes, wildlife, nature, space, and world tour. Users are also free to purchase and download new collections from the application’s official website.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Users can add a calendar over the wallpaper
• Support for multiple monitors
• Wallpapers can be resized to fit any screen resolution
• Users can create their own screensaver collections
• Hundreds of built-in transition effects